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ACLC Graduation Standards


I. Meets or Exceeds AUSD/ACLC Graduate Profile Outcomes (Who I am.)

II. ACLC Learning to Learn Skills   (What I can do.)

III. Academic Proficiencies (What knowledge base I have.)

IV. Learner Portfolio (Why anyone would want to hire me and invest their money to train me.)

V. Alameda Community Service Requirement (How I am a good citizen.)

VI. Advanced Coursework/Units of College Credit (may include AP)  (Proof that I am ready for higher education.)

VII. Business Internship Experience/Facilitator Internships (My real world experience.)


ACLC Graduation Requirements


I.         Meets or exceeds AUSD / ACLC Graduate Profile standards related to:


Personal Qualities, Work Habits and Attitudes

New Basics

Thinking and Reasoning Skills

Interpersonal and Collaborative Ability



(Documented in Learner Portfolio)


II.         Demonstrates an understanding of the ACLC Learning to Learn Skills

Time and Task Management



Effective Presentations

Whole Team Performance Evaluation

Individual Teamwork

Oral Communications


Teaching others

Democratic Leadership

Ownership of Community (Democracy and Leadership)

Judicial System Interaction (Democracy and Leadership)

Personal Visioning

Systems Thinking

Technology Skills


(Documented in Learner Portfolio)


III.         Academic Proficiencies

Satisfactory completion of ACLC approved courses in high school curriculum with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 including:

English - 40 credits (8 semesters)


Mathematics  - 30 credits (6 semesters)

            Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2


Science – 30 credits (6 semesters)

            Must include Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.      

History / Social Studies – 30 credits (6 semesters)

Modern World History 2 semesters

U.S. History 2 semesters

American Government 1 semester

Economics 1 semester


Visual and Performing Arts – 10 credits (2 semesters)


Satisfactory completion of U.C. (f) requirement (Visual and Performing Arts)


College Preparatory Electives – 10 credits (2 semesters)

 Satisfactory completion of U.C. (g) requirement


Foreign Language – 20 credits (4 semesters)

            Two years of the same language at the high school level.


Contemporary Community Citizenship – 4 credits (8 semesters)


            Satisfactory (C or better) completion all semesters at NEA


Current Life Issues – 5 credits (1semester)


            Satisfactory completion during high school years.


Physical Education or ROTC – 20 credits (4 semesters in high school)


Electives as needed to meet AUSD requirement of 230 credits total.


Pass District Competency Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics




IV.       ACLC Learner Portfolio     

Learners shall create an electronic Learner Portfolio (web page) that will be posted on the web. It shall include the following:


1.      Reflective essay providing evidence that they meet or exceed the AUSD / ACLC Graduate Profile standards related to:

Personal Qualities, Work Habits and Attitudes

New Basics

Thinking and Reasoning Skills

Interpersonal and Collaborative Ability


Learners shall also rate themselves on all of the “ACLC Learning to Learn Rubrics” and demonstrate in their essay understanding of the skills as they relate to their Personal Vision. 

2.     Personal Resume


Learners shall create a one page resume that they could use at this time for the purposes of seeking paid employment or enrollment in an institution providing additional job training at the employer’s expense. 

 3.     Personal Vision with Action Plan

Learners shall create a one-page Personal Vision Statement that includes a personal action plan to achieve this vision within the next 20 years.

4.     Examples of the learner’s best work during their years at the ACLC. 

(3-5 samples, 2 of which must be from ACLC experiences, one must be from ACLC math or science and one must be from ACLC Humanities)

V.           ACLC / Alameda Community Service Requirement

Learners shall engage in a purposeful Senior Project that involves or improves the Alameda / ACLC communities. This will satisfy the 20 hours senior community service requirement. (There shall be a community presentation of project by April 1, 2008.)

Community Service (Outside of the ACLC) - 80 high school hours

VI.           Advanced Coursework / Units of College Credit (may include AP)

                        One semester long course of transferable credit to CSU / UC

VII.         Business Internship Experience / Facilitator Internship Experience

 Minimum of 20 hours of documented experience for graduation

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