CLCS Board of Directors

The CLCS Board is composed of community, business, and educational leaders, as well as facilitators, parents, and learners from both schools. Please click the button below to meet the CLCS Board Members and to message them individually.

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The CLCS Board of Directors is the senior governing authority for ACLC and Nea schools, providing them with a foundation of support and inspiration, guiding leadership, and operational expertise to help them achieve their missions.

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The CLCS Board meets monthly or as necessary to oversee the work of the ACLC and Nea Boards and the school communities. Please click the buttons below for information on the Board's activities.

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The CLCS Board has the following responsibilities:

  • to ensure the alignment of ACLC and Nea charter schools with their missions and visions
  • to monitor learner performance
  • to approve the strategic and long-term plans of ACLC and Nea
  • to approve all policies
  • to insure that all internal controls are effective
  • to provide fiduciary oversight, including receipt of ongoing financial reports
  • to approve budget and contracts, including memoranda of understanding, charter revisions, etc.
  • to supervise the audit process and secure audit report approval
  • to serve as a review board, as approved by board policy, related to employee dismissal
  • to serve as the final authority on expulsions, personnel firing decisions, and legal actions
  • to serve as the appeal board for any ACLC or Nea Board recommended expulsions
  • to be responsible for any official interactions with the Alameda Unified School District and the State of California, including approval of funding applications and reports
  • to serve as the employer of all ACLC and Nea staff and to approve employee contracts, pay schedules, benefits, and other employee financial transactions