Brown Act Policy

The CLC Schools Board of Directors and the Boards of the Alameda Community Learning Center and the Nea Community Learning center shall comply with the Brown Act and other applicable laws of the State of California with regard to open meetings and board agendas.

Preparation Of School Board Agenda

The Executive Director (ED) and Lead Facilitators shall be responsible to prepare the agendas for all special and regular meetings of the Board.

Agenda Posting

Agendas for regular Board meetings shall be posted 72 hours in advance of such meetings at the school sites for public preview. Special meeting agendas shall be posted at least 24 hours in advance of such meetings.

Agenda Distribution

The Boards agenda with supporting information for a regular Board meetings should be delivered to Board members as soon as is practicable but preferably 72 hours prior to the meeting. For special Board meetings, the agenda and supporting information should be delivered at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The ED and Lead Facilitators are responsible for the distribution of Board packets (which include the official agenda and all supporting information).

In addition to provision of agendas, the Board’s complete public agendas shall be provided to those persons or parties who have requested to be placed upon the School’s mailing list.   A fee may be charged for the service of providing agenda.

For purposes of providing proper notice under the law, the Board shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Anonymous Letters

It shall be the policy of the Board not to introduce anonymous letters in the agendas for Board meetings.

Executive Director and Lead Facilitator Duties Concerning Agendas

The ED and Lead Facilitator shall include on the agenda all items known to him/her to require action by the Board and other topics containing information necessary for the Board to carry out its responsibilities.

The ED and Lead Facilitator shall include on the agenda items which relate to school business as are requested for inclusion by members of the Board.

The ED and Lead Facilitator is responsible for preparing all supporting information which may accompany each agenda topic originating from the administration or the Board.

Requests for Agenda Items

A citizen may request that a topic directly related to school business be placed on the agenda. The ED and Lead Facilitator or Board President shall determine whether the citizen request is or is not an item directly related to school business. Further, citizen-requested items may not be placed on the agenda if the item(s) are repetitive of a previous item placed on an agenda and considered by the Board.

Requests for items to be included on the School Board agenda by the Board or Board members, School employees or citizens shall be in writing and submitted to the ED and Lead Facilitator’s office seven (7) working days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Members of the Board or the ED and Lead Facilitator may request that a topic be placed on the agenda which has been recently considered and acted upon by the Board providing there is new and relevant information on the topic, but only for the purpose of the Board deciding whether or not to reconsider the agenda topic, it shall do so at the next regular Board meeting.

Citizens who request to have a topic on the agenda are encouraged to submit, in writing, supporting information detailing their reason for having the topic placed on the agenda and what is being requested of the Board. This is intended to provide background information for Board members to help expedite the Board’s handling of the topic at the Board meeting.

Board Action/Voting

1. The Board may only take action on items formally listed on the School Board agenda except in emergency or other circumstances as authorized by law.

2. When there is a tie vote on the agenda topic under consideration, the item shall be resubmitted to the Board at its next regular meeting.

Adopted: 3/3/09