Online Incident Reporting

We take intimidation, harassment, bullying or sexual harassment very seriously.  It is the intent of the CLCS Governing Board to provide a process for learners, parents, and members of the community to address complaints of bullying to appropriate district personnel and to receive a prompt response to this complaint without fear of retaliation. 

It is also the intent of the Governing Board to protect learners or personnel from unfair and unfounded accusations, to conduct a prompt and reasonable investigation, and to resolve any complaints in accordance with school and district policies and procedures.  Complaints shall be investigated in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the parties.

However, not every incident of conflict that occurs is bullying. It is important to know the difference.  Before proceeding, please view the following policies to get a clear understanding if your incident is reportable:

CLCS Nondiscrimination/Harassment Policy (14-04) 

CLCS Policy Against Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence (14-03)

If you or someone you know has an incident of conflict, click the button below to report it.  Once submitted, the investigation process will begin within five (5) working days.  Please keep in mind, this process can only be as thorough as the information provided.  


Infographic outlining the definition of bullying