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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."  

— Nelson Mandela


US News Best High Schools / Top API in Alameda

U.S. News and World Report has ranked ACLC (grades 6-12) as one of the Best High Schools in the Nation every year since 2009.

In 2007, ACLC was the first Public Charter School in Alameda County to Receive the "California Distinguished School Award".

API scores rising

ACLC also holds the distinction of having the top API score (869) of all high schools in Alameda (other than ASTI which has a highly selective admissions and test-in requirement). 

Strong Start for an Excellent School...

Rising API scores

After only two years of existence (2010), Nea distinguished itself with one of the highest API scores among elementary and middle schools in Alameda, and became accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Nea's first high school graduating class (2013) had a 100% college and university eligibility rate, with over 85% garnering awards for high achievement in academics, scholarship procurement and community service.

Project-based Learning for Deeper Understanding...

As project-based learning centers that span the various developmental phases of childhood, CLC Schools provide multiple opportunities for individual, partner and group experiences that encourage research, depth of knowledge, mastery of concepts and motivation for continued learning.

Because it is hands-on, project-based learning also helps illustrate difficult to understand concepts, appeals to the multiple different "intelligences" unique to each child and is especially effective with children who lose interest easily or are turned off by traditional teaching methods.

Experiential and project-based learning provides clear benefits like: increased critical thinking skills, greater problem-solving abilities, deeper understanding, better preparation for higher education and real work situations, more developed collaborative skills, and an enhanced desire to learn (because it's fun)!

Full STEAM Ahead...

Steam graphic

Nea is already a long way down the road of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) curriculum. Since the school's founding in 2009, it has developed an elementary STEAM curriculum unrivaled in Alameda, and has broadly promoted the integration of art, science and humanities across the entire curriculum. 

As a project-based school, learners gain a broader and deeper understanding of abstract concepts in science and mathematics (like fractions and geometry) through hands-on activities and projects that also incorporate artistic aspects.

The dynamic integration of art and science sparks learner creativity, creates transformational understanding, enhances engagement and fosters innovative thinking.

A Proven Model of Empowerment...

Student empowerment graphic

ACLC has proven its approach to education for almost two decades and Nea's immediate success is additional proof that our model works.

CLC Schools currently educate over 900 "leaders of tomorrow" in self-directed learning environments, using innovative and research-based methods to empower learners. Research shows that because children learn from each other, they do better in environments with a strong and positive peer-empowered culture.

CLC Schools are based on a founding principle of participation in a democratic society. Active participation in our democratic model helps develop learner confidence, increases motivation, raises educational outcomes and deepens community connections.

As children work and make decisions together, they inevitably assume leadership roles, acquire conflict-managment skills, discuss and clarify concepts and issues, develop as citizens and decipher the complexities of human relationships within our dynamic educational context.

The New Standard in Education

CLC Schools, Inc.
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Annalisa Moore

Chief Operations Officer
Theresa Quigley

Director of Special Education
Annahita Rad

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Kira Foster



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Community Learning Center Schools, Inc. is the nonprofit corporation that manages the 6-12 Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) and the K-12 Nea Community Learning Center (Nea), both charter schools in Alameda, California. The CLCS schools are based on an educational model of learner empowerment. CLCS is actively engaged in disseminating this model by school creation and redesign.

CLCS’s mission is to provide corporate leadership, conceptual oversight, and business and legal services to the CLCS charter school Governing Boards. CLCS charter schools serve as educational models that empower all youth to take ownership of their educational experience, to celebrate their diverse community, and to actively participate as members in a democratic society.

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