Please read through all of the following if you're interested in taking classes and feel free to schedule a meeting at the link below if you have questions.

How to Take College Classes


  • Completion of Nea graduation requirements or additional challenging classes
  • One semester/quarter at the community college = 1 year of credit at Nea
  • All courses at the college are weighted for 1 extra point on your GPA. An A = 5.0 instead of the traditional 4.0. 
  • Complete courses that can be transferred to your college or university of choice
    > To view which courses are transferable to UC's or CSU's, visit
    > To start planning classes that will satisfy transfer requirements or general education requirements, please refer to the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) Form. Completion of IGETC meets all lower-division general education requirements at most CSU and UC campuses, and some Independent Colleges and Universities. (Almost all forms will have the same information

Learners from Nea have taken a wide variety of community college classes, such as:

• Astronomy•`Psychology• Philosophy• Arabic
• Chemistry• Microbiology• Physics• Calculus I & II
• Statistics• Trigonometry• Geometry• English
• Creative Writing• Macroeconomics• German• Spanish
• Japanese• Mandarin• Guitar• Piano
• Art History• Sociology• Photography• Ethnic Studies

Things to consider:

  • Students with C's or higher are eligible to register for classes at the colleges.
  • High school students can concurrently enroll at the local Peralta Community College District and have tuition, and most fees waived.
  • If you are signing up for a college class, you will be responsible for finding and paying for textbooks. You can use a textbook rental service so that you do not have to pay the full price of textbooks. Courses that have an electronic component to their class may require new digital books. Many learners have already taken classes at the college, so I recommend asking around before purchasing the book. Many learners donate books to me for previous classes, check out my shelf in my office to see if your book is there and you can borrow it for free.
  • If you enroll in over 6 units, you'll be required to pay a Transit/Health fee. This means you'd qualify for an Unlimited AC Transit EasyPass for the semester. For info, click here.
    Peralta Students qualify if they complete the following
    1. Enrolling in 6 units or more
    • If you drop under 6 units, you no longer qualify for EasyPass, and your card will be deactivated

    2. Must pay the $42.29 AC Transit EasyPass fee

    3. Must have a Peralta student ID card

  • Consider taking courses with other learners to have a support system for carpooling, textbooks, and studying. If your family is interested in carpooling, I can help coordinate your connection with other learners interested in a class. - Email me if you're interested in grouping up with other learners. I have many learners interested in a group for ASL 1A at Berkeley City and Biology at COA. 
  • Please look up reviews for your professors to get an idea of how the class will be run. Many learners use 
  • All classes must not interfere with your core class schedule and should be scheduled after school to avoid conflicts. 
  • Please email me any requests for a printed transcript.


  • The Peralta Community Colleges

Note about sciences: If you're planning on taking a challenging college course for Chemistry or Biology in lieu of taking it here at Nea, you will need to enroll in an Intro to Chem or Intro to Bio class instead of Chem 1A or Bio 1A. 

Peralta Academic Calendar - Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Enrolling in Peralta Colleges:

    1. Register online to enroll as a student. (Note: This takes about 30 minutes and you will need your social security number. I recommend doing this part at home). Once you enroll as a student, you do not need to re-enroll each semester, proceed to step 2. 

    2.  >>>Click Here to Search for Classes

      • For class descriptions, click on the link with the course number or refer to the corresponding College Course Catalog here.

      • Please make sure to only sign up for classes that are transferable to UCs/CSUs. Learners cannot take classes with codes over 250. 

    3. Select the correct semester (Spring 2020)

    4. Find an OPEN class you are interested in

    5. Please fill out the following:
      High School Special Enrollment Form and print as a PDF. If you click save, it saves blank, and you lose all of your information. 

    6. Email your completed PDF to Ms. Dezaree

    7. Ms. Dezaree will complete the Enrollment Form and put it in the front office for pick up.

    8. Have your Parent/Guardian sign and approve the course you are requesting.

    9. Take signed and completed Enrollment form to College Admissions Office to enroll. If you're taking classes at multiple colleges (i.e., College of Alameda and Laney College), you may register for all classes at the same time at any Admissions Office.

If you take an online class, please be sure to check your Peralta account for your Peralta e-mail to receive instructor information for the course's online site.

Additional Community College Options
Learners may also enroll at other community colleges. We have an established system for Peralta because we have partnered with them for years, but we understand other locations may be more convenient for your family. Forms are also attached below.

Additional Community College Options

Learners may also enroll at other community colleges. We have an established system for Peralta because we have partnered with them for years, but we understand other locations may be more convenient for your family. Forms are also attached below.


Click here for Chabot College --> Concurrent Enrollment

- Located in Hayward, CA

- 10th, 11th, or 12th grade only

- Spring Semester starts January 13

- Spring 2020 Dates and Deadlines

- Class Schedule 


Click here for Foothill College --> Concurrent Enrollment

- Located in Los Altos Hills, CA

- Search for Classes - Online courses are available

- Many of our learners take a Digital Painting or the Typography class online as an introduction to college classes, but they offer a bunch of online options.

- Foothill College is on the Quarter System. Classes start 1/6

- Here's the Winter 2020 Schedule

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Schedule an appointment for an Academic Check-in with me if you need support. 


Ms. Dezaree


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