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COVID-19 Updates

ACLC & Nea Campuses Closed Through End of 2019-20 School Year

In coordination with Alameda Unified and many other districts around the Bay Area, ACLC and Nea Schools will extend the current school closure through the end of the 19-20 school year.

Both schools are providing Distance Learning Opportunities for our learners.

For technical support with a school Chromebook, please email Samba Niang. If the problem is with your home internet connection, you will have to contact your internet service provider directly.

Families can pick up school meals on Tuesday and Friday from 11am to 1pm at any of the following locations:

Alameda Point Collaborative (677 W Ranger Ave, Alameda)
Earhart Elementary School (400 Packet Landing Road, Alameda)
Wood Middle School (420 Grand St, Alameda)


How to Turn in 20-21 Enrollment Paperwork During Closure

Please scan or photograph your 20-21 Enrollment Paperwork. Make sure the images are full-sized and legible. Then, attach your scanned images to an email with a subject line like this:

"Enrollment Paperwork, Learner's Name, Learner's 20-21 Grade Level"

Send the email to the appropriate school Office Manager:

  1. ACLC Office Manager:  Heather Mahaffey
  2. Nea Office Manager:  Mary McKee
If you have any questions, please contact Admissions Manager Kira Foster

State & Local Government COVID-19 Update Sites

California Department of Public Health: cdph.ca.gov/covid19

City of Alameda COVID-19 Updates: alamedaca.gov/alerts-COVID-19

City of Oakland COVID-19 Updates: oaklandca.gov/resources/updates-on-covid-19-outbreak

City of San Leandro COVID19-Updates: https://www.sanleandro.org/c19/

CLCS Letter to Families--4-2-2020--Distance Learning Extension

Greetings CLCS Community,

In a press conference yesterday, California Governor Gavin Newsom recommended that public schools across the state prepare to suspend in-class instruction for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. This is to help prevent what could be a significant surge in serious illness due to COVID-19 cases over the coming weeks. We continue to work closely with AUSD, the Alameda County Health Department, and the Alameda County Office of Education as we travel through this together. In addition to the Governor’s press conference, we were also informed by the Alameda County Office of Education that “it is now clear that California’s schools will be engaged in distance learning for the remainder of the school year.” Please click here for their full press release.

With the extension of Distance Learning, CLCS has asked each team to take time to make refinements to our programming, ensuring that our teaching and learning is as meaningful and productive as possible over the next nine weeks. When we return from Spring Break, CLCS will ask the team to hold off on any new assignments, office hours, Zoom and Hangout meetings from April 6th through April 8th. During these three days learners can continue to engage in optional distance learning opportunities as it works for their schedule, work completed during this time will not be graded. Learners should be ready to fully reengage in Distance Learning beginning Thursday, April 9th. Staff will use April 6th, April 7th, and April 8th to expand Distance Learning plans, receive additional training, refine curriculum, and prepare for closing out the school year using our online platforms.

CLCS remains focused on continuing our educational mission. We know that the work we have been doing in preparation for this possible scenario was taking the right approach and appreciate the feedback that we have received from learners and families. This pause will give us time to refine our distance learning practices, schedule, and technology to ensure the highest-quality experience for the new, longer duration. In this ever changing environment if new information comes out from CDE, County Health Department, or the Alameda County Office of Education we will be prepared to adjust program accordingly.

Lead Facilitators will email the community with additional information regarding picking up needed technology and supplies and any updates pertaining to their program. Thank you for your ongoing partnership and flexibility as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time together.

In Partnership,

CLCS Letter to Families--3-25-2020--Campus Closure Extended

Hello Amazing Families,
Sending you our virtual love!
We are writing to inform you that CLCS is extending temporary school closures through May 1, 2020. Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara County schools, along with the Alameda Unified School District, made the decision to extend closures for the health of the Bay Area. Families need to continue to shelter in place and continue to follow the guidance provided by Public Health Officers to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Staying home to save lives
  • Washing hands often with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Contacting your healthcare provider if you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. 

Our team will continue to facilitate our Distance Learning plan and appreciate the feedback that families have provided. For our 6-12 programs Distance Learning grades are being stored in a separate grade book. All grades are visible online. At the end of the suspension of in-class instruction, Distance Learning grades will be averaged into learners second semester grade. If you or your learner are experiencing difficulty with access to course materials or with turning in assignments, please contact your facilitator or the ACLC/Nea main office so that we can support you with an alternative plan.

AUSD is continuing to provide free meals to learners and families, offering a variety of meal options. They are serving two days a week and providing multiple meals for families to take home per the following:

Tuesdays & Fridays 11am—1pm
📍 Wood Middle School
📍 Erhardt Elementary School
📍 Alameda Point Collaborative

Building on the regional coordination that six Bay Area jurisdictions took on March 16, 2020 in issuing the Health Officer order for all residents to shelter in place, Bay Area counties have been working together to align strategies and practices during this unprecedented time for public education. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact your Lead Facilitators, Theresa or me for support.

We will continue to work to keep you informed as we anticipate that on-site operations may not return to normal before the end of the school year. Thank you for your flexibility and dedication to our youth and program during this time.


CLCS COVID 19 Letter to Families--3-13-2020--Campus Closure

Hello Amazing Community,

After careful consideration, we have decided to close campuses to learners for the two weeks prior to Spring Break with Spring Break occurring as planned. We will re-evaluate our status during the week of Spring Break and notify families if any additional closures will occur. No school beginning Monday, March 16 through at least Friday, April 3. On Monday and Tuesday staff are working on instituting new distance learning strategies for the weeks when learners would have normally been on campus. Distance learning will begin on Wednesday, March 18th and end Friday March 27th. 

Please look for an email on Monday from the Lead Facilitator outlining what learning will look like over the coming weeks. This will be different across grade levels and schools and will include online material as well as access to offline material. We are working to provide technology supports to learners who need them. If you are in need of technology support please reach out directly to the main office no later than noon on Tuesday, March 17th. 

We ask that you continue to monitor calls and emails from school in order to be an active partner in your child’s learning over the coming weeks. If a learner receives counseling services or Special Education services on campus, mental health counselors and/or case managers will reach out to them about how to access services in the interim. 

AUSD will provide breakfast at 9am and lunch at noon during the closure. For Monday and Tuesday food will be distributed from our site. Beginning Wednesday learners can pick up breakfast and lunch from any of the following locations: 

- Ruby Bridges 

- Academy of Alameda

- Encinal High

- Wood Middle

- Alameda Point Collaborative 

During the closure learners should stay home and minimize social contact as much as possible to keep caregivers and adult family members safe. Children have not been shown to be a high-risk group for serious illness from this virus. However, they can transmit the virus to those most vulnerable. Public health officials recommend that families make arrangements for childcare during closure and that they avoid leaving children with elderly people who are more vulnerable to the impact of the virus. Closing CLCS schools for three weeks mid-year is unprecedented, and we recognize the significant impact this extended closure will have on our entire community, learners, families, and staff. 

We acknowledge the anxiety this may cause our learners, especially our seniors who are focused on graduation and those learners who depend on CLCS for critical services. We also recognize the burden this will place on our staff and working families. Schools are an essential public service and crucial to our communities. We made this decision in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in light of this global pandemic and new information that is surfacing rapidly. We will continue to work in partnership with public agencies and all of you to keep our learners and communities safe. 

We are committed to keeping you updated with information as we learn it. Thank you again for working with us as our entire community responds to COVID-19.

Please contact your Lead Facilitators or Annalisa with any questions or concerns.

In Partnership,

Annalisa Moore

Annalisa Moore, M.A., Education

Executive Director
Community Learning Center Schools, Inc.
1900 Third Street
Alameda, CA  94501

CLCS COVID 19 Letter to Families--3-8-2020--Response Levels

Greetings Community,

I am reaching out because we wanted to share some planning we’ve done in relation to the Coronavirus. The plan below outlines 4 different response levels for our CLCS community, and we wanted to continue to keep families informed as we receive updates from CDE and local agencies.

CLCS is currently at level 2, meaning that we are considered on heightened alert. At this level we will continue regular school programming, continue emphasis on good hygiene practices, continual disinfecting throughout the day, field trips will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and access to campus limited to immediate community (learners, parents, Professional Community, and tours).

In the event that we reach Level 3 Risk, we will begin to implement Independent Study options in parallel with our regular school program. At Level 4, upon notification from our Public Health Department, the campus will be closed and we will implement our online learning protocol only. At level 4, we will likely close the school for 14 days so please begin to think about how you would prepare as a family for a school closure that will last approximately two weeks. In the event of school closure, families will need access to broadband internet and every learner will need access to an electronic device to complete school work.

Additional details about remote learning will be forthcoming.

Please note:
• If any family plans to travel from now forward to the restricted zones as determined by the CDC (www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html), they must inform the school. Upon return from this trip we will ask for a 14 day Independent Study Plan (during the incubation period) prior to returning to school.
• We have asked staff to send learners to the office if they have a fever, severe cough, or have heavy/labored breathing. The office will contact the family and ask if they have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 and ask that they be picked up and doctor consulted. Once a doctor is consulted please communicate back to the school site.
• If you are keeping your child home because of illness please inform the office.

COVID-19 Response Levels

Risk Level 1

(Low Risk): Plan + Prepare
No CLCS learners, families, faculty or staff identified with COVID-19
Very few reported cases of COVID-19 in the East Bay/Oakland
Some countries declare a public health emergency (not the US)
Airports implement informal screening mechanisms

Level 1 CLCS Response

Regular school programming
Hygiene and hand washing emphasized
Increased cleaning/disinfecting rounds by facilities team (3x per day)
Disinfecting of classrooms and offices by facilitators and staff throughout the day

Risk Level 2

(Moderate Risk): Heightened Alert
No CLCS learners, families, faculty or staff identified with COVID-19
Regional health authorities indicate heightened alert
Some international travel advisories recommended by WHO, CDC, government
No advisories against non-essential travel to CA and the East Bay

Level 2 CLCS Response

Regular school programming
Continued emphasis on good hygiene practices
Continual disinfecting throughout the day
Field trips determined on a case-by-case basis
Access to campus limited to immediate community (learners, parents, Professional Community)

Risk Level 3

(Medium Risk): Warning + Increased Response
Identified case(s) of COVID-19 in the CLCS community (learners, families, faculty, or staff)
Increased community spread of COVID-19 in the East Bay
Increased partnership with local health officials for decision-making
Increasing evidence of potential restrictions on airline travel/other forms of international public transportation
COVID-19 disease behavior or contagiousness changes to higher risk level
Staffing and attendance issues at CLCS

Level 3 CLCS Response

Regular school program in parallel with the implementation of Academic Leave Contracts and/or online learning options
Continued emphasis on good hygiene practices
Increased manual disinfecting by increased number of cleaning personnel
All field trips and community special events suspended

Risk Level 4

(High Risk): Maximum Response
Spread of COVID-19 cases within the CLCS community (learners, families, faculty, or staff)
COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing in the East Bay
Government/Health Department/County directs that schools be closed
Evidence that hospitals are unable to manage or meet health care needs related to COVID-19
Evidence of restricted airline travel or major travel restrictions
Staffing and attendance issues at CLCS

Level 4 CLCS Response

Full implementation of online learning protocol for learners and faculty
Full campus disinfecting procedures implemented before school resumes

The New Standard in Education

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Admissions Manager
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